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Can you get seizures after vaping? | August 3, 2022

Reports of people who have seizures after vaping have raised serious questions about the safety of electronic cigarettes, which have grown in popularity in recent years.

Currently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is conducting an investigation after receiving 35 adverse event reports involving e-cigarette users who have experienced seizures after vaping, using products such as JUUL, a popular brand among teens and young adults.

To find out more, click on: https://epilepsyu.com/can-you-get-seizures-after-vaping/

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  1. This may be a stupid question but WHY would anyone gamble & have a greater chance or to even have a weaker brain chemistry, from vaping or whatever, that may make the ASD’s not work as well, to where they may be like taking ice cubes for drugs & then have more seizures for life ? Sure it was a long question, but the answer should be a short one,, HELL NO did I ever want more seizures from anything. So I never tried drinking alcohol or smoked anything. ASD’s are bad enough ti live with.

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    Comment by James D — August 3, 2022 @ 9:02 PM

  2. I sure do agree. When friends were partying in the 60s with recreational drugs, I took a pass. I had enough drugs in me and there was nothing “recreational” about them!


    Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — August 3, 2022 @ 10:26 PM

  3. Hello to all, just wanted to say that I think vaping, just nicotine, was what started my seizures several years ago. I wanted to stop smoking, after 30 years of it!, and started vaping as the ‘healthy’ alternative…… It worked great for the first few months, but one day when I was at home on my own, and vaping, I suddenly got this horrible feeling of fear come over me. I ran upstairs, don’t know why, and came round several hours later pretty banged up – black eye, busted nose and lip, broken tooth and gash on my head. Also burned legs because I’d been unconscious with my legs against a radiator. It was terrifying. I’d never had a seizure in my life, or anything like one. Since then I’ve had nocturnal seizures, and also many others. This all started when I was vaping. I do not vape any more – but I still have seizures unfortunately. There is information on line about this connection – after much reading I think this has happened because of a large nicotine rush to the brain…. Maybe my brain is more susceptible to nicotine? Just thought I would share. I wish you all luck in your search for help, take care.

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    Comment by Cheryl Schofield — September 29, 2022 @ 2:21 PM

    • I know that nicotine is a trigger for seizures. And cannabis, particularly THC — exacerbates it. But I’ve never heard of an experience as horrid as yours, without the cannabis. Oh Cheryl, I feel so awful for you.

      What meds or practices are you using to abate your seizures now? (Other than the elimination of vaping.) Have you had a neurological work-up? Are you on meds? I hope that somewhere, somehow, someone has found a way to help you.


      Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — September 29, 2022 @ 3:41 PM

      • Thank you. It was a horrendous experience, I’m much better now. My husband took me to hospital when he found me and I was treated for my injuries properly. The doctors thought I’d had some sort of heart ‘blip’ as my pulse and blood pressure were off the chart….they couldn’t understand it. I stayed there for two days, then home with heart pills! And still vaping! Of course the seizures carried on, though never as bad as that first one, and I am now classed as epileptic. I am on medication, lamotrogine, and careful about my life and diet. I do not vape, surprise, and have read up on the association with seizures – doctors don’t seem to know anything about it but there is a lot of info online.

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        Comment by Cheryl — September 30, 2022 @ 3:01 AM

      • Oftentimes, you have to do your own research. Nobody knows or cares about your body like you.

        I can’t believe you continued vaping, but at least now, you’ve seen the error of your ways.

        As for lamotrogine, it’s been wonderful for me. At first it made me crazy/hyper. But when I settled down and changed my bedtime dose to 6PM, all was good. 99% seizure-free for 10+ years!


        Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — September 30, 2022 @ 9:38 AM

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