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Head Injuries and Seizures | January 15, 2021

How many of you have had a car accident…an abrupt fall…a physical assault?  If you are one of those people and you have suffered a head injury, the probability of seizure activity increases dramatically…

Seizures may develop immediately after an injury to the brain or may develop in delayed fashion, showing up months or years after the initial trauma.

Generally speaking, the risk of post traumatic seizures is related to the severity of the injury — the greater the injury, the higher the risk of developing seizures. Even mild to moderate injuries can result in seizures.

It is thought that a head injury disrupts the pathways of the brain and that an epileptic seizure can be viewed as a sort of short-circuit of the brain’s electrical functioning. During the seizure the electrical fields in the brain are overloaded, resulting in seizures.

The most commonly seen seizures related to traumatic brain injury are “generalized” seizures, which are also called “Tonic-Clonic” or “Grand Mal” seizures.

Persons who have had head trauma are twelve times as likely as the general population to suffer seizures.

Approximately 57% of head injured individuals developed epilepsy within one-year of injury. 80% of the time, they occur within the first 24-months. Longer onset epilepsy beginning more than four years after the trauma occurs in 20% of patients who developed epilepsy.

However, there is a school of thought that the “window in time” between a head trauma and when epilepsy could eventually develop allows investigators to study if medications can prevent the development of epilepsy before it starts.

The exciting hope for the future is that therapy to prevent epilepsy in head injuries can be developed.

Consider this possible futuristic approach: We know that patients with severe head trauma are at high risk to develop epilepsy.

Perhaps this group of patients could be treated with a medication that prevents the process that leads to seizure activity. This would be a wonderful advance over just waiting for the first seizure!

Experts in the field are studying how to accomplish this important goal.

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  1. I’m sure that is a living hell where a person has had a seizure from any TBI they have had. I know it is a living hell after you have been living with seizures for over 50 years, and then you get a TBI even on the skull & not the brain as to what a CAT SCAN showed up as what happened from going through a GRAND MAL seizure & then you head cracks the concrete floor at a COSTCO. Well my seizure pattern changed some from that day over 8 years ago on THANKSGIVING DAY WEEK, and the concussion I had felt like my head was filled up with water for more than 1 week. No headache but just a heaviness of pressure filled my head, and no SEIZURES all through that time had happened, & no seizure happened until MARCH of the next year, almost 4 months later. Over 8 years has gone by & never has my neurologist ever think to look back at that time since, to see if anything ever has changed in over 8 years, that maybe can be corrected today. THAT is what seems to amaze me as I guess any TBI does not matter when seizures have happened before any TBI happens after 52 years of seizures. Now it’s over 60 years of this hell, & nothing ever seems to change much unless it is for the worse from one thing or another related to seizure life. Still I will always LOOK UP for the answers I need as far as God’s grace & mercy & for his miracle healing that I know he can do for all of us IF it is his will to do so.

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    Comment by James D — January 15, 2021 @ 2:50 PM

    • I guess it goes from bad to worse as I cracked my head on the brick pathway steps, long after I had been diagnosed with seizures. It was zoom eyeballs, I couldn’t focus, function, do much of anything, except good to bed like a limp rag.


      Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — January 15, 2021 @ 5:30 PM

  2. This interests me because for 40 years, I didn’t know what caused my epilepsy. When I was two, I got pushed down a flight of stairs by my brother and felt that could have caused it. Then again, I had a birth weight of 12 lbs. 9 oz. and later had a 105 fever.

    From the scar tissue from my surgery, they were able to tell it was the fever that caused it but I felt it was going to be the head injury.

    If they come up with a treatment for this, that would be great!

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    Comment by Ed Lugge — January 15, 2021 @ 2:56 PM

    • That’s a pretty tall order Ed. Besides, I think you’ve had your miracle. 🙂

      If only others had the same angels watching over them.


      Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — January 15, 2021 @ 5:36 PM

      • It’s just a natural reaction. When you see your miracle, you want everyone else to see theirs, too.

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        Comment by Ed Lugge — January 15, 2021 @ 6:23 PM

      • Ed, you’ve got a heart of gold.


        Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — January 15, 2021 @ 6:33 PM

  3. My epilepsy was diagnosed at age 65 after I collapsed at a local grocery store, hitting my head. I don’t remember anything until waking up in the ER. We had just returned from a holiday in Cuba andI had stopped for a few groceries after doing some paperwork at the office. Had I not stopped for groceries I’d have been driving so that was a blessing. As my family has a history of heart issues, my dr thought there had possibly been a heart incident causing my fall and hitting my head. Also had aspiration pneumonia. I then had a second grand mal in the ER. I spent a week in the hospital and months after going through heart, lung and brain tests to be told it was epilepsy. I have been on Dilantin since and have had no seizures in the 2 years since. I was shocked to find out I had epilepsy at this age but was told it was not unusual. I am now changing from Dilantin to Lamictal so hope this transition goes well.

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    Comment by Cathy Urlacher — January 15, 2021 @ 5:10 PM

    • Sounds familiar. When they told me I had to get off Dilantin because of Vitamin D issue, they wanted me to take Lamictal so it must be a popular change.

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      Comment by Ed Lugge — January 15, 2021 @ 6:31 PM

  4. Lamictal is wonderful. It’s been very good to me. At first, it made me hyper/crazy. But when I changed my bedtime dose to 6:00 PM, I settled down and all was fine.

    99% seizure-free for 10+ years! I wish the same for you, Cathy.


    Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — January 15, 2021 @ 5:44 PM

    • Do you sleep through the night Phyllis? I find I wake up about 3 and usually am awake for quite awhile until I can go to sleep again.

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      Comment by Cathy Urlacher — January 15, 2021 @ 6:34 PM

  5. I passed out hitting my head on the edge of a granite counter top hitting a hard tile floor. I was out for 3 hours. When I came to I was sore all over my head felt like it was going to explode ! It was also dark outside. I had a pretty good size goose egg on my head.

    When I was age 5 I climbed a tree, went out on a branch that was about 20 feet high. I lost my balance or had a seizure took a header onto a nice fleshly paved road. I’m glad my head is as hard as it is. Oh I remember my mother screaming.

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    Comment by Bonnie — January 17, 2021 @ 2:49 AM

    • Wow, you are one hard-headed lady!

      Do you think it was the tree or the granite counter that did it? What kind of seizures do you have?


      Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — January 17, 2021 @ 9:27 AM

      • I was born with seizures.I have both grand mals a petit male seizures.

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        Comment by Bonnie — January 17, 2021 @ 6:03 PM

  6. A question I would have first about research on preventing the development of epilepsy after a brain trauma, especially from a car accident: Would a car insurance company pay for any epilepsy prevention therapy for up to 4 years? My experience of being diagnosed with epilepsy 2 years after a car accident resulted in “idiopathic” epilepsy back in the 80’s and the time status for insurance claims was long expired. What could change that now? A therapy of something cheap?

    Recently a fall I had from wearing a Covid mask at night causing me to lose orientation-NOT a seizure-left me with a goose bump on my forehead. My homeopathic doctor prescribed me an oil formula to apply 3x a day to the spot and some oral drops 2x a day . Three months later I was able to eliminate the oil ( no more pain while sleeping) and reduce the drops to 1x a day, still continuing into the 5th month. These are considered to be preventative of negative developments….We’ll see.

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    Comment by Andrea Kay Whitcomb — January 17, 2021 @ 11:15 AM

    • I don’t think a car insurance company would pay for epilepsy prevention. With the way they work, you’d be lucky for them to pay for any kind of seizure, after-effects or damage.

      Your homeopathic doctor sounds like a whiz. I don’t know whether to say you are lucky or you are blessed!


      Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — January 17, 2021 @ 11:23 AM

  7. I live with Epilepsy and my Epileptic seizures were only triggered more frequently after I was Physically, then Sexually Assaulted by two different males only one got away with what he did. It was to the police “you were in the wrong place at the wrong time!!” Before I was taken to the hospital semi- conscious by people that I worked as a First Aider with that knew that I lived with Epilepsy!
    It was kept “hush, hush” from our superintendents and those who out ranked us!
    The Sexual Assualt happened during when I was having an Epileptic seizure I told the police, then it was a cold case. Then other detectives took over the case and it went to court and yes that was said in court. He took advantage of me during an Epileptic seizure!
    Then in the recent decade I had to relocate to another apartment with my Cat, fur baby!! I found him out side after my fur baby daughter died in my arms from Ovarian Cancer. I was told that she had too many litters of kittens before she was brought back to the THS for the 3rd time. I was the one that got the hell when it should have been the people that adopted her the second time! Regardless, she was adopted with a fitting name and brought home with me to NEVER see that dreadful woman again, I promise unconditional love and respect to her! She was seen by her veterinarian and spoiled rotten as she should have been.
    My little fur son who I found outside my first apartment window I called Animal Control to see if anyone would claim him, I phoned every day for him. On the last day I was told to come in and bring a Cat Taxi. I adopted him that day and took him to his very first veterinarian appointment thanks to the officer that saw that the buses where I was were arriving..
    Unfortunately for the pair of us relocating into that building that was quiet and respectably clean a year before wasn’t that way a year later.

    I had leave my little guy alone for 2.5 days from being in diagnosed with Pneumonia from to collect some of his belongings and mine from our apartment that we wrongfully moved from. I was told “that building is danger!!” From too many people, some that witnessed me have Epileptic seizures that then scared them!! One person after I came out of my Epileptic Seizure that was diagnosed as something different then what it has been since 2011. She thought I had a Heart Attack. She knew me from grocery shopping and I asked the security “does she need help? She’s panicking!!”

    During volunteering a fellow volunteer talked to me about her friends shop and the possible benefits of marijuana for my Epilepsy. But before I even try talk to my Neurologist and my family doctor and listen what they say. I did that and neither one wanted me to try marijuana or experiment with it for my Epilepsy because there were side effects one doctor said from his studying. When they asked me what I thought I said that I said that I’ve been clean this long why start, now?!
    They both were happy with the answer.
    I started having even more seizures then I thought I could in a lifetime!
    Then 2014 I went into status Epilepticus that put me in a Coma.
    I had to learn how to do A lot over again!!
    When I returned to my apartment a few weeks after, I was spooked and went mute for a few weeks.
    Best part of that was I kept my lil one safe(so I thought) in the kennel where I grew up, I saw him and he looked so healthy as he did in our first apartment! I hoped that we could from there because every time I was asked a question about “what do you think triggered your seizure this time?” I asked them a question back of “I’m around a lot of illicit drugs that I saw my Cat who was sick now he’s healthy being away from that building. Couldn’t drugs be the cause for my Epileptic seizures?! My Neurologist and family doctor don’t want me using or experimenting with marijuana “the poster cure all drug of the decade!” Look at the posters!!
    Look at how many times I’ve been in hospital in the past month!!
    Don’t you think that’s too many?!

    The doctors talk to me now as if I’ve been a “frequent Flyer!” Someone looking for attention from hospitals and first responders and such…

    I was called a “rich bitch” for taking my lil guy to the veterinarian’s once a year for his Annual check up!! A bunch of kids were at my apartment door screaming that scaring him into hiding!!

    People broke into my apartment almost every month since 2011 until now ?? And I’m not there! I taken to the hospital for epileptic reasons August 1, 2018 the next day when I returned my lil guy was meowing and the lock was changed!
    I tried to find out what was going on and all I was told was by the person in the superintendent’s office was to phone the police or the security!! The person who gave me a list of names and told that this was against MY Human Rights also said in my apartment that I just paid rent for that month was it was going to take a month … Showing that it was she was going to buy my lil guy a bag of his prescription GI food and a grocery gift card possibly knowing full well where I grocery shopped!!
    She didn’t know that SA was going to force me to a different city that I didn’t want to go to given the police there never had given me updates about my Rape case! Given that it’s been over 6 years!!
    I was locked out of my apartment that my name was on the lease! People continued to break&enter most were minors and watching me while I took showers and or baths. I left the door open it was MY apartment! They were making as if they were taking photos or videos with flash!
    People scarying me that they had every right to go into whatever apartment they wanted. One male interrupting our Red Friday dinner telling my Cat that he’s eaten too much go to bed!!
    I was continuing to have Epileptic seizures breaking & fracturing my arm and fingers.
    I was supposed to have surgery on hand but the seizures at one point were uncontrollable!!
    The people behind me read my box of letters that were stolen from my apartment the first 3 days that had been sealed and had my name all over the damn box in multiple colors!! Rewritten in calligraphy every letter that was addressed to me except for 3, that were from my first apartment that should’ve been delivered to me as the post dates were 2000, 2001, & 2003. I didn’t get them until someone broke into my apartment in 2017!
    Their “marijuana year” they would yell through the wall asking “hey, ___ don’t you have class tonight? It’s Thursday! You should be in that city not here, you’re ruining our marijuana night!!” Every Thursday throughout 2017!!
    When I had Epileptic seizures especially in the shower, the water would still be running while I would ‘fall’ out of the shower smacking my head on the toilet seat then smacking my head and my body on the floor unconscious! When I woke my lil guy was there to make sure mum was ok, then he would run off shout as if to say “my mum’s hurt! She needs help!”
    No one was around to help. Other then to say, “here we go again! “I’m bleeding! I’m bleeding! Won’t she shut up attention seeker!”
    I never met who did said that! I wouldn’t mind seeing them treated the way I was after buying a loaf of bread and a Foccocia from Cobs, from a kid wearing his dad’s old police uniform and driving a stolen police cruiser! I was roughed up, thrown to the ground and put in handcuffs, in front of a group of people that recognized me from there or around there! There were a lot vehicles and an 18 wheeler all had their Cat lights on me! Another police cruiser drove up! That police recognized me. He said that he radioed for EMS and got me out of the handcuffs! Months later I remembered the badge number of the identity theft, which came in handy because I was being chased out of the mall from the security guards for reasons unknown. I just continued to shout “this is against my human rights! I haven’t stolen anything! You would know if I did!!” I repeated that because they followed me right to the police station where I had a breath before having an Epileptic Seizure. When I awoke the people they were helping were gone as were the security guards and one of the officers. Yet the officer that had that badge number was the one that stayed behind and helped me out of my seizure and off the floor to sit on a chair until I was ready.
    I just paid a bill and my card was stuck in the ATM machine the manager got it out for me then I had an Epileptic seizure. The bank employees knew how to deal with my seizures, yet the “groupie security girls” as they were know as around the mall flipped calling for them and others… After I came out of the seizure I was continuing my banking business.
    Then one over zealous unknown security guard never seen before that day and one paramedic with a chip one his shoulder!
    The paramedic doesn’t do the usual assessment at the scene. He’s doesn’t even have a partner working with him but he’s all mouth bullying me as chummy with the unknown security guard that takes my photo and gives me a slip (like they did at photo stores, Blacks) telling that I was banned from the mall. I couldn’t get answer from them why I was banned. I knew that it was against my human rights, disability rights to do so… Then came around three rabid security guards that were too young and eager to be the stereotyped “mall cops” that seek trouble when there is none. They all attacked me while I was still in the bank. Tackling me, and threatened me that they would love to see me come back to the mall again to beat the crap out of me. I’m pinned to the floor, by them!!
    All this because I had banking business to do and I did and I also had an Epileptic Seizure?!
    I was also discharged from a place that I was staying the person told me face to face “because you have Epilepsy!” It was said twice. That was 2020.
    I haven’t seen my lil guy since 2018… People call this entire thing that I gone gone through a “joke!”
    I’ve been told to my face that I’m not so-so but I’m really who I am say I am! I’ve had my photo identification stolen first since August 2018 after I was released from a hospital for Epileptic reasons. The person took my “no, I don’t help!” For the opposite, “yes, I do need help.”
    So he walks off with my pouch that almost everyone in the city at the time knew that I wore and what I carried in it.
    The rumor that came out that Gretzey stole it because the number of the bus. Disgusting!
    Yes, I told the police. Constantly even wrote down the contents on paper. I was on police security cameras writing down what was stolen, I need help, I’m from Mississauga. My lil guy was in a kennel in Mississauga animal control with advocacy from my family doctor to prolong his stay. That backpack with those letters was stolen with toiletries, my AEDs, some clothes, and books to write in and pens. I had backpacks like that stolen around the same places. One which was new was with my new months worth of my AEDs and bronchial dialators inside as well stolen as the tween girl shouted at me. “This is what you get for sleeping!!” A woman shouted the same after that!
    I tried to ask if I could use a phone to call the police because my backpack was stolen again, in the bus shelter across from the church! The person just shrugged it off!!
    The same person had known that I had to get back to my apartment to my Cat, since the locked out but my name was on lease.
    I never cancelled my other lease, because the end result of moving there is as stupid as it sounds, the nosiest people would monitor how much I was spending, again they still have certain cards that I had gotten when I was 16, and check my bank account out loud and this has been going on since I was locked out of my apartment!
    I’ve had my do investigations on especially when my bank card was stolen and all my funds were stolen as late as 2020, and I wasn’t out of the hospital that long. I asked the police for help but they were busy with who they brought into the hospital. Security thought the police would be able to help since they knew as I did I didn’t leave anything behind in the hospital. I asked a shelter if I could use their phone because my phone and wallet were stolen from a female that came up with a delirious story of being banned from that particular place for good! The person said that was said that was a stupid story no ones been banned for life/good ever! Yet I could still use the phone because I didn’t believe that crap!
    I was on the phone for what seemed forever.
    Police didn’t do anything!
    Even again talking to them multiple times in person, “really? We can’t help you but if you call this number … Do you have a pen?!”
    When I have called that number… The same irritating vulgar that I wish that ass that talked cyberbullied me through the fridgedaire fridge paid up and left my Cat and I the Hell alone! I wouldn’t have been exposed to more illicit/recreational drugs than I already had been in that second apartment, that I’ve known thanks to a Fire Dept that I studied with their kitten in high school before being diagnosed with Epilepsy. They told me to look out for certain smells… One smell they told was originally marijuana.
    I need want to adopt a kitten for my own self care, but there are no veterinarians or pet stores near!
    I had everything that I needed in my apartment except I just needed kitty litter since I just fully cleaned his litter box out, his prescription GI food and a Foccocia that was all I need to buy!
    But the bag of litter I had to leave behind because the “female cops” refused to let out my apartment to take out the garbage! I wasn’t going take a chance with recycling!
    They bullied me as they were on drugs as they said that they were looking for “him” “where’s you Cat?” “Is he hiding here” meaning was he hiding in between the mattresses of my bed!
    Years after we had be sabatoged by Ants in the apartment the year I came out of the hospitals and really sabatoged and a fire fighter was too busy to help and a woman cheering me on to get justice!!
    During 2015- 2018 we had no air conditioning and the superintendent was no where to be found by maintenance to do her jobs.
    So I did it! No one would answer their phones!
    I spent over $2000,00 of my own money through out the Summer 2015 getting rid of the Ants, cleaning them up. Making sure that I cleared the drains of my apartment with Specto Bac. I even repainted around certain areas and blocked a hole under the pantry and other cracks as much as I could because someone wanted me and my lil guy out, dead or alive. I had to take my lil guy to his Annual veterinarian check up in the heat of 80*F of the apartment and whoever’s brats screaming “rich bitch! Rich bitch!” At my apartment door scaring my lil guy to hide!!
    I was lucky to get the last appointment of the day. The rest of the week was supposed to be a lot hotter outside! I didn’t know how we were going to make it since the housing worker disappeared, not even a phone call! We needed out!
    Two months later August, I had to take my lil guy back to the veterinarians because I knew something was wrong… He was dehydrated! The veterinarian prepped him and got him rehydrated!
    He woke me up after I went for a CatNap around noon!
    When he finally could wake me it was past midnight!!
    He was doing his own kitty first aid on me. Putting his head to my chest listening for my heart, paws anywhere he could find a pulse. Even in between my legs if I had a Noctural. He bumped my head to try to wake me up which he did.
    I wobbled to the bathroom to splash my face and sprinkle some on him. Then we went to the kitchen where I refilled every water dish I started leaving out, and fed him.
    He was wandering I wasn’t going to eat. He followed me to the read temperature and it was 85*F after midnight in my apartment.
    I’m still being abused! My last amount of Epileptic seizure were 6 in the past 2 half weeks! Doctors in hospitals won’t do anything for me. Because their waiting possibly for my real family to show up and a few knew before 2015 I lived in Mississauga in an apartment where I have been told to face That it was/is a group home because the amount everything that happened to me happened to others! For the love of animals!!
    And because I was talking on the telephone!!!

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    Comment by Tabitha Brewster — October 13, 2021 @ 7:14 PM

  8. It seems like you and your fur babies have had a horrid time, to say the last.

    Those very people who are supposed to protect and defend us, are doing nothing at the least.

    And we suffer on as they ask “Who’s at fault”?

    Any claims by someone with epilepsy that they have been physically abused are written off or ignored, stating that the person cannot function properly with their degree of epilepsy, and that additional treatment is necessary to prevent the incident from happening again.

    The degree of the outcome is basically irrelevant, from inflicted emotional trauma, to assault and battery, to robbery, kidnapping, rape, and murder.

    And, to add insult to injury, people with epilepsy experience these atrocities at a much higher frequency, because they are regarded as having something “wrong” with them.

    The results of the harm will most likely be often written off because the person had epilepsy. Therefore they don’t “count.”

    Even the number of witnesses, the degree of evidence, and the presence of law enforcement officials are basically irrelevant. Most people tend to turn their heads and pretend nothing happened.

    Well-documented cases with complete sets of video, don’t sustain punishment, legal action, correction, change in policy or even change in protocol.

    And so the blame goes to the victim. (Are they insinuating that we’re all nuts?)

    This resulting denial of “equal protection under the law” is an additional abuse.

    It’s sad to know, the very “authorities” who swore to protect, serve and save our lives, can be as deadly as the epileptic seizures we are forced to live with, everyday.

    Elsewhere, this country would call such abuse as crimes against humanity.

    In most states, having a seizure is technically illegal, and while prosecutions are not many, they do happen.

    When prosecutions happen, many states only allow the insanity defense, which strongly implies that the government itself regards epilepsy as a form of mental illness, in addition to the prejudiced public.


    Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — October 14, 2021 @ 11:12 AM

    • Prejudice feelings is what I’m getting and have been because of so-called religion after the movie “Stigmata” which was a favorite of mine. After I had Epileptic seizures in public even more people would “spew” their religion on me. Saying that I’m the “Demon” because of my disabilities!

      Some rumor was that a person or persons that I once knew had me locked out of my apartment because they didn’t know of my having Epilepsy. The color of my fur baby’s fur and my ending in hospital covered in blood from Epileptic seizures.
      My AEDs were stolen from my apartment as I had to buy my own because someone stole my months worth of AEDs!
      Now I being let known by my pharmacies if people are trying to us my name, as I’ve seen on Facebook and other places!

      I’m trying to be a normal person but I can’t be around marijuana or any other illicit drugs that triggers my Epilepsy to be prolonged or more often, and more painful.
      Hospital employees that I’ve been around don’t see it that way. To them I’m waiting valuable time for another person!
      I’ve been in hospital for weeks for them not so long ago trying to find out what is triggering my Epileptic seizures! Even Cardiopolmanary twice!

      I was forced to another city without anywhere real to go and if the police see me and take me as real person it’s because I just had an Epileptic seizure in front of them!
      What I’m going through is against my human rights and disability rights if I should add another it’s my civil rights!!

      Yet it’s … “She can shop(grocery shopping who doesn’t?!) but why isn’t she working when I was doing a lot up until Covid-19!

      I get people asking 20 questions, or after I have the seizure all I wish for is the line I’ve been hearing since 2014/5 “everything said out loud and done plus!”
      I have too much static or white noise in my room from where I have no idea, but I do no that they have been using stereos to trigger me to have Epileptic seizures all afternoon. They don’t care if I hear me fall from a seizure they don’t “respond!”
      They sound like the ones that did this abuse to my furbaby and me that had paramedics pissed of to shout “enough!” From seeing me covered in blood from Epileptic seizures and my saying my apartment had been broken into again!

      I was in a Coma and they Claim it was someone I knew that did it!
      They even connected my phone so they can share my information with others, against my consent!
      They have no conscious!

      I have self worth! I know who I am, do they?

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      Comment by Tabitha — October 14, 2021 @ 5:40 PM

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