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For Sleep Apnea — Three Revolutionary New Types of CPAP | November 8, 2014

These days, there’s an endless variety of CPAP options. But, since purchasing a new CPAP can be a big investment and expense, you want to pick the best you can. And the most comfortable and efficient.

Here are three of the newest, most revolutionary, and top-performing CPAPs on the market.

With one of these on your nightstand, sleeping just got easier.

All Star S9 AutoSet by ResMed

The all-new S9 AutoSet from ResMed is sleeker, more intuitive, and it is designed to provide one of the most comfortable CPAP experiences you’ve ever had.

The S9 sets itself apart from other CPAP machines because of its unique algorithmic technology, which allows the machine to provide the ideal pressure exactly when you need it.

The S9 knows when to lower or intensify the pressure settings according to slight variations in your breath and body movements. It will even detect whether your nose is congested or if you have a sinus infection.

The S9 also has some other winning features, like the Mask-Fit system, which will allow you the opportunity to adjust the machine according to what kind of mask you are using. It will even perform a fit test to make sure there are no leaks. Price: $724.00 http://www.easybreathe.com/S9-AutoSet-p2658.html

For Frequent Travelers — The Z1 Base CPAP System

The Z1 Base CPAP System is by far the smallest and lightest CPAP machine on the market. It’s about as tall and almost as light as a smart phone.

Although the Z1 is compact, it’s big on features.

This CPAP is whisper quiet — it clocks in around 26 decibels, which is about the same decibel level as a light breeze blowing through some leaves.

Not only that, but the Z1 uses the Z-Breathe algorithm, which adapts to your breathing patterns, it offers ideal pressure, so you don’t get that old feeling like you’re fighting against the pressure when you exhale.

What’s also so attractive about this machine, is its portability. It only weights about ten ounces, which makes it the perfect CPAP for traveling.

This machine is also Bluetooth and USB equipped, which means that you can track your compliance and charge the machine right on your computer or tablet. Price: $675.00 http://www.easybreathe.com/Z1-Base-CPAP-System-p4245.html

The Smart REMstar Auto CPAP Machine by Respironics

The Philips-Respironics “System One” REMstar Auto with A-FLEX takes a smarter approach to the entire sleep management process.

New features such as resistance control, advanced event detection and response, upgraded data management and reporting, and A-FLEX put this CPAP machine on the cutting edge.

This unique and technologically advanced auto-PAP uses the power of A-Flex, which is another algorithmic system that allows the machine to provide the perfect pressure setting.

It does this by measuring breathing patterns and apnea events.

You can also tell what type of mask you are using and it will provide the optimal pressure correspondingly.

Or you can simply switch the machine into regular CPAP mode if you just want to go back to the old-fashioned way of doing things.

As you can see, this machine has a lot of versatility.

It also offers mask leak alerts, altitude compensation, and it can even record compliance data, so that you can get a better grasp on how well you are sticking to treatment.

In the end, this is a machine for all those individuals out there that wants a more versatile and comfortable CPAP experience. Price: $639.00

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  1. Hi Phylis, I have sleep apnea also. I did a sleep study an at home test in December 2011 for about 3 years now. I wear that mask every night and take it off every morning. The first year I couldn’t wear it for awhile because of my pains (seizures) I had. My mom then said “your going to get a neurologist”. That year the end of September I did a video eeg. The neurologist diagnose of epilepsy seizure disorder.


    Comment by yeshualoverforever — November 8, 2014 @ 12:08 PM

  2. The bad news is you have sleep apnea. The good news is that your mom was pro-active enough to take you to a neuro.

    How are you doing now?


    Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — November 8, 2014 @ 2:12 PM

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