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Driving Laws by State | June 20, 2012

Every state regulates driver’s license eligibility of persons with certain medical conditions. The most common requirement for people with epilepsy is that they be seizure free for a specific period of time and submit a physician’s evaluation of their ability to drive safely. Another common requirement is the periodic submission of medical reports, in some states for a specified period of time and in others for as long as the person remains licensed.

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  1. Pa. require 6mos. I seizure free well past,was unable to have license return. Drive License needed for career/job as Auto Mechanic to keep State Inspection and Emission Licenses. W/suspension of Driver License due to SEIZURE i lost not only Drive License but also WORK LICENSES. Dr. filled out exempt forms so i can keep WORK LICENSES/REMAIN WORK. Licenses-WORK LICENSES-were also suspend since no proof of Drive License available. Now unable to remain work,unable to PERFORM STATE INSPECTIONS(require drive license). I was given copy of forms,Dr. never turned his oem copy in. Now i can not work since WORK LICENSES suspended due to no Drive License Requirement. Should forms be presented i can still no longer PERFORM INSPECTIONS-end date on licenses far past short time allowed to re-new. No Employer wanted to hire me since i can no longer perform this work-#1 type of work for Employer. I would have to start from square #1,take carreer all over. Dr. fault for sending forms to correct place and allow me to remain in my career. NOW WHAT?? Return to School to re-take courses from beginning-approx. 1yr+? Recertification would have been 4days max and i still would have very good job. Now i would need to find a good Employer who Hiring. I remain UNEMPLOY-Unemploy ran out. ANYBODY WHO CAN ASSIST ME I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE. Also-i do not qualify for DISABILITY INCOME SINCE I AM CAPABLE OF WORKING!! Ed


    Comment by lckyedd — June 25, 2012 @ 4:37 PM

  2. Your doc sounds like a real sh*t. But since he caused the problem can he prossibly intervene with an explanation letter?

    I don’t know if the EEOC would be helpful here, but if your dumb doc would send a letter to DOM would that help?

    Somehow, the DMV needs to be appraised of this mishap. I would get the doc to write two letters. One to send to Harrisburg and one to send to the Director of DMV in your area.

    This is outrageous. That a lazy doc should take your job away.

    Please be insistent and aggressive with the doc. And no receptionsist, if you want real action. Even if you have to make an appointment with him to express your rage and the situation, it might be well worth it.

    And then, it might be advisable to start with another doc.

    I don’t know where you live, but I would praise Tom Graham to the skies. He’s been my neuro for 12 years and he’s located in Malvern.

    Other neuros recommended in Pa, based on eform members’ positive personal experiences include:

    Drs. Shobha Asthana and BelleVernon, Lemont Furnance, PA

    Dr. Jacqueline French, University of Pennsylvania Epilepsy Center, Philadelphia, PA

    Dr. Frank G. Gilliam – Epileptologist, Director of Neurology/ Neurosciences, Geisinger Medical Center and Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center Danville, PA & Wilkes Barre, PA

    Dr. Thomas Graham, Graham Neurological Associates, Paoli, PA (He’s THE man for me!)

    Dr. Roderick Hines, Neurological Associates of Lancaster, PA

    Dr. Joyce Liporace, Riddle Hospital, Media, PA ( I run an Epilepsy Support Group with her.)

    Timothy Martin, Neurological Associates of Lancaster, PA

    Dr. John Pollard, University of Pennsylvania Epilepsy Center, Philadelphia, PA — Epileptologist

    Dr. Paul L. Schraeder, Albert Einstein, Philadelphia, PA (VERY highy regarded.)

    Dr. Michael Sperling, Thomas Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

    If all else fails, contact your local epilepsy foundation: http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/

    They can help advise you and have a legal department for specific needs.


    Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — June 25, 2012 @ 7:34 PM

  3. Maybe you just need to get a job where you don’t need to drive then.


    Comment by Jane doe — July 15, 2012 @ 1:51 PM

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