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What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? | April 26, 2022

All of us have dreams. Some become reality…and some stay in our imaginations forever.

Photography was a dream. And just that. Although I was enthusiastic about it (and pretty good…I even taught 5th graders, which was a blast), I knew I’d never be a Brassai or Ansel Adams.

Then there was the dream of becoming a ballerina. No competition for Margot Fonteyn, because when I twirled and swirled, the result was not pretty…I passed out on the floor. (I had epilepsy, but that didn’t diminish my dream.)

But most of all, writing was my dream and it turned out to be my reality. A dream come true when I discovered that I could really write and survive.

The rest is happy history.

How about you? What have you dreamed — or achieved — beyond your wildest dreams?

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  1. I’ve been trying to do somethings throughout my life about my dreams. Wanting to be the next “Nadia” … Being in sports… Out running scum to get police when I was healthy and my Epileptic seizures weren’t a hinder.
    After I relocated into the wrong apartment building and couldn’t get out of the lease my Epileptic Seizures went from first next to nothing to barely there to “holy shit! Who the hell is doing this to her, she’s in the hospital for the umpteenth time Bleeding Again and this time her arm is fractured!(which happened 6-7 times broke my fingers a lot when I was supposed to be going for surgery on the first time!)

    I’d like to stop Cyberbullying since it was and is the reason for my Epileptic Seizures being so painful and hearing people talk about me and letters stolen or kept (from me) from the apartments I lived in with my Cats.

    My dream is basic to the average person.
    To live in a house, home with my Cat, kitten with my belongings that were taken from me and my Cat that was taken from me “for religious reasons” because of his fur color first load of crap!
    They broke into my apartment every month since the first 3 days that I brought our boxes in.
    When I wasn’t there for medical reasons people broke into my apartment claiming that my apartment belonged to someone else hence the reason why they were stealing and breaking in until now 2022?!
    Even though my name was on the lease from the beginning!

    So again I don’t know why my life has been put in so much danger that my last Atonic Seizure witnessed was on Friday.

    This phone that I was given to receive and phone out can’t even receive phone calls from anyone anymore because of Cyberbullying that want to know what I’m doing on the phone which is none of their business!

    I’ve been waiting and trying to make phone calls to my family but the number doesn’t work.
    I need to be able to talk to my family and friends (whom ever is left since their letters were stolen and read rumors of me being dead has being going around for years!)
    My family and friends are in different countries then me and I have no idea how to contact the ones who I was emailing weekly since my iPad and iPod touch were locked and stolen in 2018.

    Before I relocated to that area I had nothing stolen from me. My Cats, had nothing stolen from them either.

    It wasn’t the greatest building but a lot better then 3 years without AC because the superintendent couldn’t be found to turn the heat to AC!
    The superintendent was always around and would let anyone know when he was showing up, 24hrs ahead so like myself anyone who was a pet parent would know what to do.

    I’ve had a computer implode while I was using it… Had minor drama there and was a First Aider, started self defense for women, kick boxing, writing drawing, making jewelry, stones and stuffed animals that part of the proceeds went to the local Rape crisis center. I ended giving what I couldn’t sell of the animals and stones to VWAP Victim Witness Assistance Program where I got the best best help …

    I always said when I was little that if I became a billionaire I would rescue and adopt Cats and Kittens, spayed, neutered, microchipped and seen by a Vetrenarian for their Rabies vaccines.
    That was an ever so big “if I became…”
    I thought I was able to try to make a maxi -Cd or Cd-Rom.
    I never have finished my tour… Thank you to those who sponsored me!!!
    I wish that banks could have been helping me with keeping my funds safer!!

    People are still stealing from my bank account as of two weeks ago. They planned this in 2014. I didn’t know that it was at me or else I would alerted identity theft then.

    At least before 1990’s and 2010 my family and friends knew that I was the person that I showed as.

    One thing I have still learned is that certain people still use Epilepsy as a way to connect to “alcohol and drugs!”
    Pitiful them that they will never understand that children, teens and most adults do not and will not drink alcohol or use illegal/illicit drugs “to cure” their Epilepsy (as I heard ignorant people say that’s what they’re for!)
    I’ve seen so many websites from different countries, e.i Australia, Deutschland, Scotland, Ireland, Ukraine, South Africa, Peru, Russia, Italy they are more likely to have more updates on Epileptic Seizures and treatments and medications information forthcoming even webinars in what countries!

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    Comment by Tabitha — April 27, 2022 @ 1:49 AM

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