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Working, Seizures, and Secrets | January 16, 2022

When I was in my 30’s, I worked real hard and made pots of money.

No sleep.

Many seizures.

But big bucks.

At the advertising agency where I worked, when I saw the couch in my office, I thought: “Well, I guess I’m important.”

Little did I know that I’d end up sleeping on it. And having many seizures.

Then there was the time I was sent to San Francisco to “save” an account.

I saw the pizza boxes and thought: “Great. I love pizza.”

I didn’t know I’d be eating pizza for the next three days. And having seizures.

At the “victory lunch”, I slid from the chair to the floor.

Luckily, they thought I was exhausted. (Which I was.)

The perfect foil for the seizure I was having.

But I had done it. I fooled them again.

Now, forty years later, I still work real hard.

But I don’t make any money.

I write out of love.

And for all those who have to keep epilepsy their “dirty little secret”.

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  1. You are amazing Phylis and a tribute to your trade. You have helped many people…God Bless You

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Doreen — January 16, 2022 @ 10:59 AM

  2. Yep. “What Doreen said.” (or wrote)

    You have also encouraged sooo many of us, Phylis, when we simply wanted to give up. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by George Choyce — January 16, 2022 @ 11:15 AM

  3. Thank you Wally from Canada

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Wally Venechuk — January 16, 2022 @ 12:02 PM

  4. I enjoy reading your writings. I feel, as a parent, they give me insight into a world I don’t know except second hand.
    Thank you for always sharing and educating.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Anna J Bartlett — January 16, 2022 @ 12:22 PM

  5. So you had a lot of PIZZA’s when working & had a lot of seizures. Did you ever think the pepperoni, with the NITRATES in it could had & still may cause the seizures then & now ? There is ALWAYS MSG’s in all NITRATES & NITRITES of every food & drink, as it is so easy to blame STRESS of the job, when it can always be the diet on the job causing the seizures for ANYONE of any type of seizure condition. Myself I seem to have had MORE THAN 1 seizure condition in over 61 years. Same old root causes that created them all, from food & drug toxins, yet that problem seems to be MINE to solve, that no neurologist ever seems to care enough to help figure out as to WHY toxic chemicals & additives & preservatives, WILL make seizures happen to some of us, even as some days after a seizure happens, you may get away with eating or drinking a toxic food or drink, but as I figured out over the past 10 or more years, the gauge in my brain has not been overflowing like a rain gauge can’t take more rain when the gauge is running over. But when the gauge in the brain gets saturated with TOXINS & CHEMICALS & PRESERVATIVES & ADDITIVES,, get ready, Hell is ready to come in your back door, INVITED BY EXCITOTOXINS with daily meals & TOXIC DRUGS 365 days a year.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by James D — January 16, 2022 @ 2:24 PM

  6. No pepperoni. I can’t eat meat.


    Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — January 16, 2022 @ 3:18 PM

  7. Thank you, Phylis, for showing how successful we people with epilepsy can be. I’m sure you’ll be an inspiration for a lot of people.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Ed Lugge — January 16, 2022 @ 9:01 PM

  8. Oh yeah, for about 25 years now it’s been the ol cluster grand mal seizures in my sleep (guess I could be thankful it wasn’t during the day because I ran large industrial equipment) however had 2 in the past 3 years during the day and in lieu of the safety of my fellow employees and myself I went on disability it’s been almost a year now and I’ve had just about every test known to man given to me but I’m taking it in stride. Kinda kicking my butt having 3 grand mal seizures at night then get up and pull a 12 hr shift. But I do miss the money. And always felt as though I was hiding something from everyone

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by JeffreyHutsell — January 20, 2022 @ 3:09 AM

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