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Super Seizure De-Stressor  | November 7, 2021

We all know that stress is a super trigger for seizures.  Whether it’s family, friends, frustrations, conflict, work, school, fear, anger, anxiety, depression. The list is almost endless.

While nobody can say there’s a magic formula for de-stressing, you might give Progressive Muscle Relaxation a try. It’s a pretty powerful tool.

The advantages of Progressive Muscle Relaxation (or PMR) is that it’s easy to do, costs nothing, and requires only a little training and a few minutes of privacy.

Basically, what you are doing is deliberately tensing muscle groups, then releasing that tension. (That’s where the relaxation comes in!)

Here’s how simple it is:

1. Start by lying down on the floor, or sit in a comfortable chair…

2. Tense the muscles in your feet and hold that tension for about 10 seconds, being careful to not tense so tightly that cramps or pain occurs…

3. At the end of the 10 seconds, release the tension and drop your feet, allowing them to rest…

4. When your feet have tensed and released, go on to the next muscle group, in this case, your thighs…

5. Work through your entire body: feet, thighs, buttocks, stomach, chest, arms, neck, and then finally, facial muscles.

6. When you have tensed and released all the muscles in your body, search mindfully for any remaining spots of tension.

7. If you come across tension anywhere, mentally concentrate on this part and will it to relax. You can tense and relax any part again if it is needed.

8. After a few minutes, stretch, imagine the energy that is entering into each part of your body, then slowly sit up…refreshed and relaxed.



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