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Keppra — What People Are Saying

October 15, 2010

To say the word “Keppra,” is to invite instant controversy. For some people it works, for some it doesn’t and for others, it’s a living nightmare.

Yet two different studies found that clinically significant behavioral consequences of Keppra were eight percent, no higher, and maybe even lower, than those reported for other new antiepileptic drugs.

John Gates, M.D., lead investigator of the adult study, neurologist at Minnesota Epilepsy Group and clinical professor of neurology at the University of Minnesota said: “The efficacy of Keppra in treating seizures, coupled with our findings of its low side-effect profile, makes it an option that should be considered, especially for those who have struggled with other treatments.”

Interestingly, both studies evaluated patients with epilepsy who were proven to be drug resistant to other medications.

Let’s Educate Candidates for Congress about Epilepsy!

October 7, 2010

Take Action: Let’s Make Epilepsy an Election-Year Issue!

Election Day is less than a month away and candidates are paying close attention to what voters have to say. This gives us a great chance to educate them about epilepsy, the need to find a cure, better treatments and stopping discrimination in schools and at work.

Click on this URL to take action now
or copy the entire URL and paste it into your Web browser.

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