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Osteo and Keppra | June 7, 2014

For those new to Epilepsy Talk…

This page is a continuation of the first.

I found myself trying to reply to Doug’s query.

An hour later, satisfied with the research and reply, my answer wouldn’t “post”.

After a little screaming and stomping, I realized that not only had I lost hours of work, but we had run out of space, too.

Time for page 2.

Here’s Doug’s original post that inspired the copy below it. Which sounds as if it came from space. Or at least, doesn’t relate to Keppra.

“Just got another bone density test, and the numbers look worse. It is very frustrating, given I take vitamin supplements and exercise like crazy. I was moved to keppra and away from dilantin because it was supposedly better for bones. what are we supposed to do?”

My answer:

The Contribution of Heredity

“The etimology of osteoporosis is clearly multifactorial in nature. While many of the non-genetic factors contributing to the risk for the disorder have been widely investigated in recent decades, the search for genetic determinants is relatively new, albeit very intense.

From family histories, twin studies, and molecular genetics, it is quite evident now that some of the predisposition for osteoporosis can be inherited. Genetic control of osteoporosis is polygenic; the specific genes involved are beginning to be enumerated.

Both structural and regulatory genes have been implicated in the propensity toward osteoporosis. Variance or mutation in genes that control bone mass (and its mineral content) and/or bone turnover are obvious candidate genes. Estimation of the genetic component to the variance found in bone mineral density (BMD), for example, ranges from 60% to 90%.

We will look at four of the primary areas where researchers have begun to forge the link between genetics and osteoporosis.”


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  1. Phylis: New Photo? You get better looking every year! (michele)

    Comment by meesher — June 7, 2014 @ 6:17 PM

  2. That was taken on my 60th birthday dinner and I was one happy girl! :-)

    61 coming up on Monday…

    Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — June 7, 2014 @ 6:40 PM

  3. I certainly didn’t mean to create a problem for you or the thread with a post from space. I just had a question and wasn’t sure where to post it. I suppose I’ll have to be careful what I post in the future.

    Comment by Doug — June 10, 2014 @ 12:23 AM

  4. it mention that Doug took vitamin supplements, did it include magnesium too? heard its suppose to be better than D-3..{ calcium } for bones , brain , even blood .. believe the max of magnesium , is 400 mgs .. { yes , i had my bone density, a few times , once , x-ray , was done , back 15 yrs ago ,1999{ was 46 at time , now 61..} after my dr took a look at the x-rays , mention , my bones is that of an 86 yr old woman , { also took dialantin & many others .. seizures meds since 8 yrs old ..switch to another hospital , where after on dialatin & mysoline , had a back injury , due to 3 seizures in 1 day .. took x-rays of my body to check where at while , dealing with the pain , my dr ordered bone density test , my bones was at 90 yr old woman , she just ordered another one , after 5 yrs , hopefully , its going to be good , / have to be careful in the same way , seems , every little twist , turn i make , something else either hurts , or causing something other .. been trying yoga , so far working good , next step , Zumba .. { tried it few times , } really good too .. hopefully after the next test is done , get back into the exercise .. good luck Doug

    Comment by cathy — June 15, 2014 @ 3:30 AM

  5. Oh Cathy, it seems like you’ve had a horrible time. As for Calcium and Magnesium:

    500-1500mg. Calcium — is useful in the treatment of because of its sedative effects which are calming and relaxing to the nervous system.

    And, of course, there’s the matter of your bone health.

    Calcium works best when combined with 400mg. of magnesium. Or you can get pills combining calcium and magnesium.

    “Bone integrity and strength — Magnesium helps to fix calcium properly.

    There are actually about eighteen essential nutrients that contribute to bone health; Magnesium is definitely one of the most essential, because it stimulates a particular hormone called calcitonin.”

    And, it also suppresses a hormone called parathyroid that breaks down bone.”


    I’m sure it won’t surprise you, but on the food front, the most health foods you can eat for Calcium and Magnesium are those greenies!

    Leafy greens

    Chock full of Calcium and Magnesium, these super vegetables can have relaxing, calming effects on the body. Have a big salad with dinner and you’ll likely sleep better that night!


    The Magnesium in spinach helps prevent your blood pressure from sky-rocketing. It’s wonderful sautéed (with a little garlic), in salads, sandwiches and omelets.

    Cathy, I hope things improve for you.

    Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — June 15, 2014 @ 11:30 AM

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